Governor's Corner

Governor Scicluna welcomes Malta Association of Small Shareholders (MASS) at the Central Bank of Malta

On Wednesday 18 January 2023, Central Bank of Malta Governor, Professor Edward Scicluna, was paid a courtesy visit by the Malta Association of Small Shareholders (MASS) represented by Mr Alfred Portelli, Mr Alfred Farrugia and Mr Tarcisio Barbara.

During this meeting, the Governor spoke about the vital role of financial literacy in these unprecedented times. People need to understand what is happening in the economy and in the financial world, especially now that high inflation is present and interest rates are increasing. It is those with greater financial literacy that are less likely to be or become financially fragile. The Central Bank of Malta has a particularly important role to play and in fact offers a range of resources to build the public's awareness and promote a better understanding of its role, functions and objectives of the Bank at a national level and at a European level as part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). The Governor emphasised the increased importance the Bank is giving to reach out to the so-called 'non-expert' audience through the use as much as possible of non-technical language, infographics, and the use of social media.

The Governor was accompanied by the Deputy Governors Mr Alexander Demarco and Mr Oliver Bonello. The meeting was held in the Governor's office at Central Bank of Malta premises in Valletta.

Governor was accompanied by the Deputy Governors Mr Alexander Demarco and Mr Oliver Bonello
From left: Deputy Governor Alexander Demarco, Mr Tarcisio Barbara, Mr Alfred Portelli,
Governor Edward Scicluna, Mr Alfred Farrugia and Deputy Governor Oliver Bonello