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Working Papers and Other Studies
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The determinants of household saving behaviour in Malta (2014)
Investigating potential output using the Hodrick-Prescott filter: An Application for Malta (2014)
An Estimate of the Possible Impact of Lower Electricity and Water Tariffs on the Maltese Economy (2014)
Inflation Differentials in a Monetary Union: the case of Malta (2013)
Assessing the Sustainability of Maltese Government Debt (2013)
Evolution of Economic Governance in the European Monetary Union (2013)
Household finance & consumption survey in Malta: Main results of 2010 exercise (2013)
Measuring the Effects of Structural Reforms in Malta (2013)
The Law of the Euro: Constitutive, institutional and external aspects (2008)
Malta's Economy on the Path to the Euro (2007)
Working Paper - Assessing employment in Malta (2003)
A Study of the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate of the Maltese Lira (2006)
External Publications
The demand for currency in Malta (2014)

Evaluating the possible impact of pension reforms on elderly poverty in Europe (2014)

Assessing the sustainability of pension reforms in Europe: a pension wealth approach (2014)

British tourism demand elasticities in Mediterranean countries (2014)

French and German tourism in the Mediterranean a market share analysis (2014)
A reassessment of the sustainability of pension reforms in Europe (2014)
Pension policy design: The core issues (2014)
Assessing the sustainability of pension reforms in Europe (2013)
Adapting the Hodrick-Prescott filter for very small open economies (2013)
Pension reform sustainability in the EU: A pension wealth-based framework (2013)
How best to measure pension adequacy (2013)
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