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Currency in Malta

by Joseph C. Sammut

Joseph C. Sammut has made it his life's task to study the ramifications of the currencies in use in the Maltese Islands down the ages. Starting with the Carthaginians, he passes on to discuss the currencies of the Romans, Byzantines (by way of the Vandals), Arabs, Normans, Suabians, Angevins, and Aragonese. He writes in exhaustive detail starting with the arrival of the Order of St John, then deals with the French and the British, ending up with Malta's modern coinage and currency notes. He also examines the various foreign currencies in concurrent use in Malta, with scores of illustrations. The work has extensive scholarly documentation and can also serve as an excellent guide for further research. The book is designed to meet the requirements of both the numismatist and the general reader, by presenting the documented record of coinage and notaphily in Malta in a clear and readable format based on the updated historical facts published in recent years

Book Specifications

  • Illustrated, full colour
  • 376 pp
  • 250 x 210mm
  • Hard Bound
  • ISBN: 99909-975-3-5

Printed by Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, San Gwann, Malta

Date of Publication: 2001

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