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Maltese banknotes - 4th Series (not legal tender)


On March 17, 1986, the Central Bank of Malta issued a new series of currency notes under the CBM Fourth Series programme. The currency notes were in denominations of Lm2, Lm5, Lm10 and Lm20, two of which (the Lm2 and Lm20) were the first such denominations to be issued by the Monetary Authorities.

Each note in the fourth series portrays on the front an Ex-President of the Republic, Miss Agatha Barbara; an old traditional Maltese sailing craft; a map of the Maltese islands; a dove holding an olive branch and a spiral motif from the renowned neolithic temple at Tarxien discovered in 1914. The four old sailing ships are representative of an established shipbuilding activity for which the Island was known up to the nineteenth century. Malta is rich in prehistoric temples and it was fitting that a decorative ornament taken from one of the foremost temples of this kind should be borrowed to enhance the artistic beauty of the notes. On the back, the notes depict vignettes illustrating various activities of a traditional or commercial nature, as well as a symbolic monument and a building of outstanding architectural qualities. Three panoramic views are also included. The emblem of the Republic also appears on the back of each note. The words "Bank Centrali ta' Malta" appear on both sides of the notes.

Security features visible to the naked eye include multicolour engraving, a watermark of an allegorical head and a security thread. Further safeguards are visible under ultra violet light. The notes manufactured by Thomas de la Rue Limited UK, were printed by an intaglio direct plate with lithographic printing as a background.

Lm2 Banknote


The predominant colour of this note is red and the dimensions are 138mm by 66.5mm. The old Maltese sailing ship featured on the front is the "Brigantin" (1531). The back has been printed in various shades of red and yellow, and it contains a vignette of an aerial view of Marsaxlokk harbour, depot for international transhipment of goods. It also illustrates one of the gantry cranes installed at the transhipment project.

The banknote ceased to be legal tender on 15th June 1998, and was exchangeable at the Central Bank of Malta until 16th June 2008.

Lm5 Banknote

Front Back

This note is predominantly blue and its dimensions are 145mm by 69mm. The old Maltese sailing ship on the front is the "Xprunara" (1798). On the back the note depicts a view of Mellieha Bay, a popular summer venue for holidaymakers. It also illustrates a woman engaged in lace making, a traditional craft very much in demand, and a fisherman in the course of making fishing pots, a once popular and now little used means of catching fish.

The banknote ceased to be legal tender on 15th June 1998, and was exchangeable at the Central Bank of Malta until 16th June 2008.

Lm10 Banknote

Front Back

Green is prevalent on the Lm10 note whose dimensions are 152mm by 72.5mm, with the "Tartana" (1740) featuring in front as the old Maltese boat. The vignette on the back includes a view of Grand Harbour with a section of the Malta Drydocks in the foreground. This is one of the major industries in the country. The building of the Central Bank of Malta appears in the background.

The banknote ceased to be legal tender on the 13th September 2000, and was exchangeable at the Central Bank of Malta until 13th September 2010.

Lm20 Banknote


The note, 159mm by 76mm, is in various shades of brown, with the "Xambekk" (1743) featuring on the front. The back shows, in the foreground, the monument dedicated to the Maltese Worker located in Msida, and in the background, a side view of the Auberge de Castille, a gem of Baroque architecture built in Valletta by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem to attend to the needs of knights of Castillian origin. The Auberge now serves as the Office of the Prime Minister.

The banknote ceased to be legal tender on 30th November 1992, and was exchangeable at the Central Bank of Malta until 2nd December 2002.





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