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Malta Coins Distribution Centre

The Malta Coins Distribution Centre is the sales outlet of the Central Bank of Malta and is responsible for the issuance of commemorative coins. All commemorative coins issued have a legal tender value, besides their intrinsic value of the precious metal content.

The Bank will also be responsible for the €2 commemorative coin issue. This coin, which can be issued once a year, has the same features and properties and the same common side as normal €2 coins. What makes them different is their commemorative design on the national side.

The Currency Advisory Board recommends a variety of local and international themes, which are then designed by master craftsmen. The coins are minted at the most renowned mints. The limited mintage figures and the reasonable prices make the purchase of these commemorative coins a worthwhile investment and a precious souvenir of Malta.

This section also provides collectors with information on the Maltese commemorative coins which have been issued throughout the years.

For further information please e-mail us at mcdc@centralbankmalta.org.

Malta Coins Distribution Centre - General

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Maltese lira commemorative coins issued since 1972
Euro Collector Coins Issued since 2008
Coin Programmes
Coin Programme 2013
Coin Programme 2014
Maltese Euro Coins
The First Official Maltese Euro Set 2008
Euro Coin Set 2011
€2 Commemorative Coin 2011
Euro Coin Set 2012
€2 Commemorative Coin 2012
Euro Coin Set 2013
€2 Commemorative Coin 2013
Euro Coin Set 2014
€2 Commemorative Coin - Malta Police Force Bicentenary
€2 Commemorative Coin 2014
Euro Collector Coins Currently for Sale
Auberge de Castille
Auberge d'Italie
The Phoenicians in Malta
Antonio Sciortino - Maltese Artist
Dun Karm Psaila
Grand Master Emmanuel Pinto
The Picciolo
Auberge de Provence
Sir Paul Boffa
Maestro Charles Camilleri
The Zecchino
First World War Centenary
Auberge d'Aragon
Malta Independence 50th Anniversary
Other Products
La Valette Medal
50th Anniversary Independence of Malta (Silver Coin & Stamp Set)
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