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The Coinage of Malta

Malta's euro coins

Malta adopted the euro as it national currency and the euro became Malta’s legal tender on 1 January 2008.

The choice of the designs for the national sides of Malta’s euro coins was decided through public consultation. In the first consultation twelve themes were presented to the public. Of these, three of the designs - the Statue of the Baptism of Christ, Malta’s Coat of Arms and the Mnajdra Temple Altar - were chosen. The fourth design, that of the Maltese eight-pointed Cross, was also considered after it received the highest number of votes from the public as an alternative to the twelve themes presented in the consultation process.

The second consultation resulted in the Maltese eight-pointed Cross, Malta’s Coat of Arms and the Mnajdra Temple Altar being chosen as designs for the Maltese euro coins.

Following the choice of the coins, the Monnaie de Paris was awarded the contract for the minting of euro coins bearing the Maltese national side. The Monnaie de Paris is the State-owned mint that has been responsible for the minting of all French euro coins.

Malta entered into an agreement with the Commission of the European Communities through a Memorandum of Understanding that was divided into two phases. The preparatory phase, included the production of a certain quantity of test coins. The second phase consisted of the mass production of the whole quantity of coins required for the changeover, which started after Malta received the formal approval from the EU Council of Ministers to adopt the euro.

The designs for the Maltese side of the euro coins was approved by the EU Commission and this resulted in some small changes that were carried out to the original designs selected by the public to make them conform fully to the Commission Recommendation on common guidelines for the national sides of euro circulation coins.

Each country in the euro area uses its own symbol or design on the euro coins. Although the national sides are different, all the euro coins can be used in all parts of the euro area.

Information on the choice of the Maltese euro coin design/ Informazzjoni dwar l-ghazla tad-disinn tal-muniti Maltin tal-euro




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