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Counterfeit Money

The Counterfeit Surveillance Unit

The aim of the Counterfeit Surveillance Unit is to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money. It examines and stores counterfeit money of any currency seized in Malta or confiscated by the police.

The Counterfeit Surveillance Unit may be contacted by telephone on 2550 6007, by e-mail on csu@centralbankmalta.org or by mail at:

Counterfeit Surveillance Unit
Currency Issue Office
Central Bank of Malta
Castille Place
Valletta VLT 1060

How can I recognise counterfeit euro banknotes?

Various security features have been incorporated into the euro banknotes. These have put in place to help recognise genuine banknotes.

Link to ECB page on security features

How can I recognise counterfeit Maltese lira banknotes?

Genuine Maltese banknotes can be generally recognised by looking at their security features that are reproduced in another section of this website. Here are some tips:

1. The paper should not feel too smooth or waxy. It is crisp and resistant to tearing.
2. A watermark (image within the paper) should be visible when the banknote is held against the light.
3. The security thread should be visible as an uninterrupted straight line, crossing the banknote vertically, when the banknote is held against the light.
4. Compare it to a genuine banknote.
5. If still in doubt, have the banknote checked by your bank or the Central Bank of Malta.

What do I do if I suspect counterfeit money?

As a rule, notify the police immediately if you have received counterfeit money since making use of counterfeit money is just as illegal as manufacturing it. Counterfeit money is not eligible for replacement!

Article 50 (1) of the Central Bank of Malta Act obliges any person who is in possession of any counterfeit, or suspected counterfeit, currency note or coin to withdraw it from circulation and surrender it immediately over to the Bank.




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